5 star review  I have been going to Dawn for a few years , I make an appointment once a Month , Dawn cares about the work she puts in my skin. I will always follow her , no matter where she goes.

    thumb kathleen Graberg

    5 star review  Dawn was recommended to me by my previous esthetician who needed to decrease her client load. I am so glad she did! Dawn is fantastic and I highly recommend her. I have been seeing her for facials for a year. She is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled, and beyond her professionalism she is a wonderful, kind, caring, giving person. I especially like that she thoroughly researches products that have clean ingredients and I feel really good about the product line she has me using and my skin feels great.

    thumb Claudia J

    5 star review  Dawn is an amazing person and artist. She always does extras to make sure her treatments are complete and perfect. I am so glad I have found her!

    thumb K. Hall

    5 star review  I had my first appointment with Dawn, she is amazing.She explain everything we were going to do and the treatment that will be the best fit for me. I love the results even after 1 session my skin is glowing. Highly recommended. Thank you, Dawn

    thumb ioana lefebvre

    3 star review  Dawn told me as long as I have dreadlocks or smoke weed I will never have clear skin(even when I said I smoke maybe once a week, if that) her words made me not go to another esthetician for YEARS because I was so discouraged. She put unsolicited intense, condemning bible verses in my bag any time I picked up product. The kind that tell you, you will burn for eternity if you commit adultery or have lustful eyes. I felt very judged and uncomfortable. She is a good esthetician however (that’s what I give the 3 stars for), and gave great tips- so if you are a devout Christian that doesn’t partake in the devils lettuce or sin then she will be a great fit for you! But if you’re an alternative mama, probably go elsewhere so you don’t have to go through what I did.

    thumb Ashley Wainio

    5 star review  What an amazing, knowledgeable esthetician Dawn is! I have been going to her for a few years now and she continues to make my skin look better!My complexion is brighter and I look younger! People are always amazed when I tell them how old I am! They don’t believe it! Thank you Dawn your amazing!!

    thumb H L