How does Nanotechnology work?

During the treatment, a handheld wand is used to send “nanoscopic” (tinier than microscopic, about 1/10,000th of a human hair) channels of anti-aging serum ingredients deep beneath the skin’s surface, where we can easily “feed” skin cells what they need to repair themselves at a faster rate. Treatment is non-invasive, totally painless, and does not cause any damage to your skin.

How can it improve my skin?

Nanotechnology can reduce fine lines around the mouth, forehead, cheeks, and lips. Smooth and soften skin texture, minimize acne outbreaks, reduce hyperpigmentation, brown spots and sun damage as well as increase collagen production for firmer skin.

Benefits of a Nano Facial

Painless, minimally invasive treatment with zero downtime. Instantly noticeable improvements after your first treatment. No damage or ablation to the epidermis. Excellent for sensitive areas such as the eyelid region and lips. Safe for all skin types
and tones.

What to expect with your Nano Facial

The Nano Facial achieves instantly noticeable improvements in fine lines, skin texture, and other skin qualities, but the serums we infuse will continue to benefit your skin for several days after treatment. For maximum results, we often recommend a series of Rezenerate treatments, performed 2 to 3 weeks apart.